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  • Coquitlam Residence


  • Maquinna


  • Business Park

    Adding the black mullions and the warmer body colour brought life back into this business park.      

  • Kits Condo

    Adding a slick new cool gray sparked a modern appeal.

  • Office Building

    Updating the green to gray gave these offices a fresh current look.

  • Multi-Family

    In this project, the owners didn’t want a significant change. Deepening the contrast updates the colour in a conservative manner.  

  • Kitsilano Condo

    This Kits condo unit was looking a tad tired.  Adding contrast with colour made the look “pop”.

  • Retail Mall

    Updated colour scheme and the texture of the new stone columns adds a modern twist to a dated strip mall.

  • Coquitlam Highrise

    With the updated colour scheme, this building looks just as new as the high-rises going up around it.

  • Commercial Buildings

    These commercial buildings are very different in architecture but share a common wall that attaches them. Creating a separate colour scheme for each but making sure the colours complimented each other was paramount.

  • Neighbourhood Pub

    With all the new construction going on in the neighbourhood, this pub needed to fit into the landscape.

  • Burnaby Highrise

    The main thing that wasn’t going well for this building were the blue windows.  We also tweaked the main body colour to a two-tone warm gray.

  • Yaletown High Rise

    The red rails and the blue column dated the look.  Creamy grays framed by off-black rails put this building seamlessly back into it’s Yaletown demographic.

  • Boutique Hotel

    This hotel needed to fit visually into the “Boutique” hotel category.

  • Neighbourhood Mall

    The strip mall instantly receives an update in a colour that flows harmoniously with the brick.  

  • Jordans Furniture

    An updated colour scheme reflects the higher-end furnishings inside.