As promised, more scoop on Black

Let’s look at some residential opportunities for using black.  We’ll focus on windows.

As a dark window sash it’s a no-brainer to achieve the heritage house look.  Having said that, achieving the heritage house look means a dark or almost black window sash with a lighter frame colour.

Let’s look at an example:

Black window sash

Black window sash

So, how about a modern look with a black window?   The entire window and frame would do just fine!

Let’s look at an example:


Isn’t this lovely?  The black is tied together with the fascia and other trim details.

It must, however, not lose contrast with the main body colour on the house.  Note the next picture.  The lack of contrast makes for a visual “wash” of colour and we don’t visually see much at all because there is little contrast.  I certainly like the dark body colour. I certainly like the trim colour.  Just not together.



So, use black and love it, just think contrast and you’ll be just fine.